Acupuncture is the use of sterile needles and placing them along the various acupuncture points along various meridians or energy channels. The Chinese believe that the acupuncture points or the energy channels are there to regulate the energy and blood within the human body.


The origin of acupuncture is over 4500 to 5000 years old. Along with traditional acupuncture the Chinese also have practiced herbology. Acupuncture in itself can be used for treating various muscles, joint aches and pains & in the treatment of headaches, sinus dryness or overly secreting sinuses. It may be used in various other conditions related to inflammation under functioning of a muscle or over functioning. How do we find an acupuncture point? We can find it by locating an area on the skin that is elevated or depressed, or an area on skin that has high electrical energy among other methods. The beauty of the acupuncture meridian or energy channel is that there is a belief that they have internal channels under the skin which connect to the various organs of the viscera that they are named after. For example, the urinary bladder meridian has an internal channel that connects to the urinary bladder over and above to the meridian that runs along the skin of the back.

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