Custom Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are designed to help prevent swelling in the legs. Custom compression sleeves also help prevent lymphedema in the arms or legs. The question arises as to why these are needed in the first place?
Normally the human body has 6-7 Litres of blood given on the body type. About 60%-70% at any given time is circulating in the lower body which means our legs and below the waist. Due to this phenomenon over time. The veins have one direction opening valves that help control the backflow of the blood into the lower limbs. Unlike our arteries, the veins are less muscular compared to our arteries. Over the course of many years or after a pregnancy the veins will distend (widen) and not regain their shape and original narrowness. The valves do not close properly and become wider over the course of many years. This results in the blood flow backing up and the legs getting fluid filled swelling.
The application of compression stockings helps to squeeze the legs and thereby provide added support to the muscles of the leg and the valves in the veins to close appropriately. This prevents the fluid building up in the legs. With a proper lower leg assessment including strategic leg measurements an individual can be fitted for stockings that help with preventing the fluid back up in the legs. There are various fabrics and brands to choose from and the assessor will help you to find one that is suitable for your needs. Over the last 50 years the best medical research has shown that compression is the best-known treatment for Oedema or swelling in the lower extremities or upper limbs. The products carried at Sage Meadows Medical Centre help to facilitate and prevent swelling or maintain swelling in the individual’s arms or legs.

Direct Billing

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