Maharishi Bhatt

Our pharmacy team of highly trusted professionals is led by Maharshi Bhatt, RPh. He started working as a licensed pharmacist since 2013 and is a member in good standing with the Alberta College of Pharmacists since then.

Speciality Pharmacist
Degrees Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy, Injection Certified
Areas of Expertise
  • Compounding
  • Smoking cessation
  • Immunization
  • Travel Health
Office 240 - 2971 136 Ave NW Calgary, AB T3P 1N7
Gender Male
License number 11412
Pharmacy License number 3752


In addition to specializing in customizing pharmacy services for his patients, Maharshi is actively involved in improving profession of pharmacy by training IPGs (International Pharmacy Graduates) and local pharmacy students to acquire pharmacist License in Canada through PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre. ( He’s always looking for new ways to improve his practice as a Pharmacist, and provide better products and service to his patients and customers.

Being a Pharmacist allows him to work with his patients through the various stages of their lives: “Over the years you can see the whole family, it’s really nice to see that you can make a difference especially if you listen to your patients”.

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