Ryan Reyes

Ryan graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy back in 2004. He then moved to Canada and started working initially as a personal trainer spending most training with corrective exercise coaching and post-rehab clients.
In 2013, he qualified to be in the first Alberta Internationally Educated Physiotherapist Bridging Program at the University of Alberta.

Speciality Massage Therapist
Degrees Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy
Areas of Expertise
  • Physiotherapy
Office 240 - 2971 136 Ave NW Calgary, AB T3P 1N7
Gender Male


Ryan is now a licensed Physiotherapist in Canada and has been practicing clinically since 2015. He incorporates manual therapy, dry needling, cupping and some electrical modalities into his practice. The bulk of the treatment though is one-on-one exercise instruction and education.

Ryan started working in the fitness industry in 2005. With the physiotherapy education as his foundation, he further acquired certifications with other organizations to include the American Council on Exercise, Stott Pilates, Physical Yoga and CanFitPro. He then blended training and physical rehabilitation to formulate a systematic progression for his clients be it in training or therapy.

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