Routine Physical Examination

If you are planning for an annual routine physical examination, and looking for a medical clinic in Calgary, Cochrane or Airdrie, just call and book an appointment with Sage Meadows Medical Centre. Here we offer comprehensive routine examinations that include checking lifestyle and habits, Vital signs, Heart & lung exams, Head, neck, and abdominal exams, Neurological Exam, Skin Exam, Laboratory work. Our physician would recommend laboratory tests like pulmonary function test, hearing test, renal function test, liver function test, lipid profile, etc. as required.


Relaxation Massage uses even strokes throughout the body with relatively even pressure. This can help improve blood flow overall but there is very little therapeutic treatment done during this process. Such massage designed for people who have a lot of tension and just need to relax and be able to sleep better and/ or for specific purpose to just reduce tension and stress.
Therapeutic massage is generally used to provide treatment to specific body parts and areas where there is muscle dysfunction or some degree of joint loss of movement. It also helps supplement blood flow to the soft tissues, promotes healing in an injured area and improvement of function. Such massage may be performed independently or in conjunction with chiropractic or physical therapy treatment.
A wide range of therapeutic techniques including cupping are employed over the soft tissues that are manipulated and moved in a manner not only to allow better healing, improve blood flow and restoration of function; but also to allow for the tissue to relax after treatment. Therapeutic treatment while not designed to make an individual sore can produce in a little bit of soreness and tiredness or fatigue after the treatment. It is recommended to hydrate well and to be able to take sufficient rest and perform the stretches that your Massage Therapist shows you after the treatment is performed.
Hot stone massage is the use of warm stones placed on the spine and various body parts. This can be done in conjunction of essential oils as needed. Your therapist may choose to move the stones with some degree of varying pressure over the various body areas. This treatment can be very relaxing at the same time therapeutic in a way that it will allow for promoting lymphatic drainage and improving the blood flow over the body parts treated. When the stones are placed over the spinal area it also allows for stimulation to those joints and to allows blood flow into the nerve endings and stimulation of the nervous tissue.
Osteopathic massage techniques are also used in massage and to help manipulate the visceral tissue such as your organs in the abdomen and even to treat bony areas within the body. This form of treatment is extremely specialized and requires extended skill set. Such treatment is useful after a bad motor vehicle accident or long-standing aches and pains and chronic history of pain. This can be combined with specific exercises to help promote healing in the body. Again it is important to consult your medical doctor/physiotherapist before starting exercises.

Direct Billing

We offer direct billing service. Please contact our office for more details.