Concussion management

Concussion management

Concussion Management

A concussion generally occurs when there is add mild insult or injury to the brain without major rupture of blood vessels or physical visible damage to the brain tissue. How bad a concussion is is sometimes difficult to determine in the very initial stages. It is important to give sufficient rest to the brain and avoid bright light Which can otherwise act as a irritant to the brain and thereby delay or affect recovery. When a person has a concussion he or she may feel dizzy, nauseous and unwilling to participate in day-to-day activities. There may be some degree of short-term memory loss, difficulty in memory recall along with other signs as wanting to sleep longer and have tendency to become lethargic.

Concussion Management Overview

Concussion management follows guidelines that allow for gradual return to sports and activities of day-to-day living based upon how the person is progressing at the current time. It is important to note that concussion management exercises comprised of engaging the whole body in various routines and activities. It is also important to remember that concussion management consists of counselling and providing appropriate strategies to manage at home and outside of clinic. Along with medical management it is important that proper physiotherapy be done so as to facilitate and allow the brain to heal and body to regain its function.

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