Custom bracing

Custom bracing

Custom Bracing

A brace is a device to help limit or protect the joint from excess movement or damage during activities. Activities could be day to day activities as cooking, cleaning, moving pots and pans, writing, lifting or even in protecting the joint from excess movement whilst playing sports.

Custom Bracing Overview

There are two kinds of braces: one generic while the other is a custom brace which is fitted according to the cut, client’s joints and limb size and measurements and precise need. These custom braces can be claimed back for their cost from insurance companies as long as the client/patient has full or partial coverage for them, along with a physician’s script.
The benefit of a customized joint support brace is that it fits the patient well and there are no loose spots or tight spots digging into the individual’s skin. One of the most common are knee braces after an ACL or knee arthroscopic surgery. Custom bracing is not limited to the knee and can be for any major joint as the shoulder, wrist, elbow or ankle. Depending on patient need the brace and limb are measured for quality fitting.

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