Spinal manipulation

Spinal Manipulation and joint manipulations are a specialized treatment performed by your physiotherapist. This requires careful assessment of the joints be it in neck, upper or lower back and pelvis as well as the body’s extremities. Manipulation may be performed for the joints in any area of your spine or extremities.

Why is this done?

The process of joint manipulation is done to regain movement – and clear up any area in body where in the joint does not move freely and will not respond to joint mobilization and other manual / therapeutic techniques available. Joint manipulation is a very direct technique involving taking the joint to available end range and then beyond current existing range to the physiological end range using a sharp sudden thrust that may or may not produce a sudden “pop” sound depending on how the joint is. This popping sound is caused due to a process called cavitation; essentially the joint surfaces suddenly being separated and release of nitrogen gas from the joint space.

Common effects of joint manipulation?

  • increase in range of available joint movement,
  • pain relief and relaxation.
  • some joints when manipulated may produce a feeling of fatigue or mild sensation of being faint which will rapidly pass.

What are the risks? 

A careful assessment of the joint to be treated be it in your spine or limb is performed along with relevant medical history and explanation is given to you prior to performing the high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) thrust maneuver.

Is it Safe?

Yes, with specialized training received and careful assessment when properly employed it is a safe and rational technique to help improve function for your joint.

Direct Billing

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