Sports Injuries

A lot of us love to play sports such as hockey, snowboarding, skiing (downhill/cross country), basketball, soccer, lifting weights or even as simply as going for a walk and recreational games that involve running, jumping, rope jumping, walking, kicking, hitting or even throwing a ball/shooting the puck /lifting or twisting with weight.
There are times while doing this; push or pull the wrong way and we get hurt either through a fall or being bumped by another player or by an awkward move.


These sports injuries can result in having pain to one or more joints of our body, back and neck. This pain prevents us from playing our sports and puts a damper on our recreation. Treatment of these sports injuries is an effective and quick way to get back to playing our games that we love and leading a good quality of life.
Treatment of sports injuries involves the use of pain-relieving medications as well as manual therapy. In some cases, there is the use of custom or generic braces that help stabilize the joint and ligaments and other structures so we can return to the sports we love.
Our team is specialized and able to assist with such conditions and can effectively help you get back to your sport(s) of choice.

Direct Billing

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