Post Natal Care Clinic

Our postnatal care starts 4 weeks after delivery and we continue to provide continuous care to you and your baby as per your health requirements. Our services in Calgary, Airdrie, Evanston, Kincora, Sage Hill include:

Breastfeeding Support: We provide clinical support and counselling on breastfeeding to new mothers as outpatient services. 

Postnatal Depression: Our mental health counsellors help you to recover from your baby blues. You can overcome your depression with psychotherapy, medications or both with the right counselling. For more details, visit our Mental health counselling (include link to mental health counselling)

Pap test: Can be done after 6 weeks if suggested. For further details, check Pap test 

Clinical conditions: Patients with a history of gestational diabetes and hypertension are at higher risk of developing them in the future and hence our physicians recommend regular screening and testing at our Centre in Calgary.

Direct Billing

We offer direct billing service. Please contact our office for more details.