Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave was originally used to produce ultrasonic sound waves by immersing the patient in a body of water and sending high-frequency sound waves to bust kidney stones. The current version of the shockwave allows for Effective and efficient treatment of long-standing tendinopathy and tendinitis. Shockwave therapy can be used on various joints such as the feet, ankles, shoulders, neck, lumbar spine, front and back of thighs.
Current version of the shockwave is different pressures of atmosphere or atmospheric bars ranging from 1 to 5 bars and allowing treatment to penetrate and breakdown scar tissue. This also produces secondary information to help reduce the existing chronic pain and inflammatory stage.


The reason to use shockwave is to help with the secondary inflammation-flushing out the original inflammation and allow for soft tissue repair and healing to occur in a streamlined manner. This occurs when there is excess blood flow and nutrients as well as oxygen rich blood coming into the area and helping repair and laying down of new fibroblasts which are the building blocks of connective tissue. Shockwave therapy can be useful in treating long-standing tendinitis for the elbow adhesive capsulitis for the shoulder, plantar fasciitis and many such conditions which are long-standing. It is also effective in treating long-standing Trigger Points where a client may be afraid to use acupuncture or deep tissue needling. The number of treatments required varies from about 6 to 8 treatments depending on your condition. In treating cellulite, the shockwave uses specialized pulsation and equipment that helps in breaking down cellulite over the course of treatments. This typically will cost a few dollars more than your usual shockwave treatment and the operator/therapist has the training and wherewithal to perform this treatment. A typical treatment will take about half an hour and also includes not only the shockwave treatment but also education and home-based exercises that an individual may do to promote his or her healing. In some instances, only a couple treatments are sufficient to relieve pain and deal with long-standing issues.

Direct Billing

We offer direct billing service. Please contact our office for more details.