Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular rehabilitation consists of understanding and treating problems stemming from the inner ear, be it from the inner ear canals and/or organ called the Labyrinth. It also consists of understanding patient symptoms that may or may not be part of dysfunction associated with these structures. Various questions do arise, whether there is simple benign vertigo from crystals migrating into ear canals or something more sinister are determined when you have an assessment.


Treatment consists of education, performing correct vestibular exercises/Manoeuvres but not limited to home exercise programs as well as exercises in the clinic. The outcome of an intervention also depends on how your body is responding to the treatment and the original extent of injury or level of problem that was initially diagnosed. During the course of treatment, a person may sometimes feel nauseous or sick to the stomach; may get a mild degree of spinning or feeling of dizziness. Based on the type of condition an individual has, he or she may need additional treatments and some degree of maintenance treatments to recover fully and maintain such recovery.

Direct Billing

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